"Khai" by Ruth Lampi


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“Khai”, colored pencil and graphite, June 2016. Khai is a main character from Jessica’s book Orphaned Gods. You can find out more about his stories here, but for now here’s an excerpt:

“I…” Khai swallowed, and pulled a handful of black powder from the pouch at his waist. “I’m here to kill you.”
Gailan gave him a long, slow look. “I know.”
“You should–” There were words for this sort of thing. Khai felt that he ought to know them, that he’d heard them before in some heroic story. “You should meet your death with courage and honor. For your name and your House. Lynx will reward you and take you up in glory and you’ll be reborn as, as… as someone great.”
Gailan almost smiled. It looked awful, on that ruined face. “Do I have Lynx’s blessing, then?”
Khai sucked in his breath, hard. It kept catching in his throat. “Not if you just stand there crying. Come on, fight me!”

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