Djaren in the library

Djaren in the library

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“Djaren in the library”, graphite, 2010.
This is Djaren Blackfeather in his natural habitat. He’s one of the main characters from my web novella The Blackfeather Chronicles, in case you’d like to know him better. Here’s a sample from the chapter this illustrates:

She peered around the next corner and froze in place, seeing lamplight in the rotunda ahead. Who would be here still reading at the dinner hour? Kara left her bag and crept forward to scout. Oh. Him.
Djaren Blackfeather sat at a table in the center of the room, in a circle of lamplight and books. He’d arranged the stacks of papers and volumes like towers around the table, pen pots serving as spires and ink wells as minarets. His too-pretty face was intent over whatever he was reading, and his long white fingers flipped through the pages of an adjacent volume. As always, Kara felt immediately annoyed with him.

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