The Divers

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“The Divers”, watercolor and graphite, May 2016. One of the watercolor paintings illustrating my book The Tembelaka Voyage! Here’s an excerpt of the chapter it’s from: They hauled themselves up on the outrigger and paddled it round to the spot. … Continued

Four Seasons

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“Four Seasons,” mixed media (rocks, twigs, leaves), 2015. Used as a poster for a 2015 dance production, A Time For Every Season: Fall Dance Concert.


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“Temenava”, June 2015, graphite and watercolor. An illustration from my book, The Tembelaka Voyage. Here’s an excerpt from the book featuring her: He was in a great sea cavern with an arching roof, half ledges of stone and half ocean … Continued

Sleep Nao

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“Sleep Nao”, watercolor, graphite and white ink, May 2015. Drew this little dragon at Balticon 49!


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These rarely glimpsed creatures are known only as Wuzzats, a term coined by those that first glimpsed the tiny beings scamper behind bookshelves. Wuzzats now frequent many environments, escaping the notice of most mortal eyes. Wuzzats are shy by nature. … Continued

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